Cockatiel gives kisses and sings to sleepy baby in precious video

Birds are amusing animals. They are curious and like checking things out. These traits enable them to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. And surprisingly, these same traits can at times draw them closer to humans, too!

Cockatiels make a great example. This breed has a really gentle disposition which makes them truly loving pets. And one particular cockatiel proves that!


This cockatiel was looking at a baby with such amusement. After a while, it wasn’t able to resist the urge to get near the child. It even kissed the baby’s nose a couple of times.

Then, all of a sudden, the bird started chirping. It’s as if it was singing a lullaby to the baby. Its song was mellow and pleasant to the ears, helping the child get a deeper, more satisfying sleep.


The way the cockatiel behaved when near the child is just one example of why they are loved by people. This bread can live with their humans in apartments without causing problems to their neighbors.

You can consider cockatiels as smaller parrots. They are the kind of birds that can safely perch on one of your shoulders and greet your friends without biting them.

They are loving by nature. They liked to be touched and would even beg you to rub the feathers on their crest. At times, you might find them longing for their cheeks to be rubbed.


Cockatiels are easy to take care of. You can get yours a cage or not depending on your preference. If you decide to let your bird out of its cage most of the day, a small cage will do. Otherwise, you’ll need a large cage as cockatiels need enough room to remain active.

In terms of diet, they’ll just about everything from leaves, insects, grubs, and seeds. You can also give your cockatiel a seed-based feed but be sure to give it a variety of protein, fruits, and vegetables. As much as possible, don’t give your birds onions, garlic, chocolate, salt, honey or even caffeine.

However, you can give your bird a few toys. Cockatiels like to have plenty of toys, like twig balls and toys made from palm, which they can shred to pieces. They have really strong beaks for that.

And don’t forget to give your cockatiel a good rub. For sure, the bird will surely appreciate it. Who knows, it might even give you a kiss and song, too!

The way the cockatiel reacted to the sleeping baby is just an amusing thing to see.

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